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Checkout The Alliance Health Care Resource Page


Healing the Healthcare Blues with Norman Sylvester

The math is not complex. Instead of doling out corporate welfare to insurance firms, we can pay that money to deliver actual health care. As health improves, costs go down.

37 poorer and less powerful nations take better care in providing for (and paying for) the health of their people. Instead of having Universal, nonprofit health care (as Obama promised ten years ago...) America now has mandated and increasing payments to transnational insurance cartels. These organizations provide "coverage" which excludes 31-35 million people who live and work in the United States. American healthcare is the most expensive and lease effective in developed nations.

Nonprofit health care allows citizens and businesses to win twice: — less money out of our individual budgets for health insurance, and — no government bureaucracy that gives our tax money to the less efficient health insurance companies through a variety of federal and state programs


If we stick with corporate cons running the show, this leaves out 31 million people who will continue to suffer without health care.  This raises  costs of care and lead to more suffering. 

(a report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) predicts that by 2023, 31 million non-elderly Americans will still have no carehealthcare1.)


America currently has  forced payments to transnational insurance cartels betting against our health. These cartels, after paying off CEOs and advertisers… deliver the most expensive and least effective health care among the most developed nations on the planet.

We leave 31 million without any care at all. 

The United States needs
Universal Non-profit Health care: Guest opinion

Anesthesiologist Samuel Metz, addressed the crowd at a rally in Pioneer Square in 2009. He was joined by a number of doctors, all in white caps, who support healthcare reform. 
                  The information is timeless!
Image result for Samuel Metz,
By Samuel Metz, M.D.

Imagine all your medical information imprinted on one wallet-sized card. Then you lose it. Is this an inconvenience, or a catastrophe?

In France, Taiwan and other countries providing universal health care at lower cost, it’s an inconvenience. Get a replacement, and all is well. No harm, no foul.

But not here. In Oregon, and anywhere in the U.S., your medical records determine the kind of care you get, and maybe if you get any care at all.

It’s a life or death issue.

....All other industrialized countries provide better care to more people for less money than we do. How do they do it? Everyone, sick or healthy, is in one risk pool – human beings. Everyone, rich or poor, receives one set of benefits – treatable conditions are treated. Americans are unhappily unique in insisting health care be dependent upon our age, employer, medical records and all these other factors, but not upon our need.

...Imagine an Oregon in which everyone gets cost-effective care, regardless of medical condition. In this better world, we still risk accidental release of our medical records. But in this better world, the lapse is an embarrassment, not a death sentence.

Samuel Metz, of Portland, is a member of three groups that advocate for publicly funded, universal health care: Health Care for All Oregon, Physicians for a National Health Program, and Mad as Hell Doctors.  visit here for the full article:

Why Universal Health Care Now?
February 16, 2013
By Glendora Claybrooks, February 11, 2013

Our political environment and socio-economic factors underline and define the problematic needs that exist--needs which determine and support the public decision as to why the time is right for single payer universal health care now.

Oregonians have elected overwhelmingly Democratic progressive leadership in the 77th Legislative Assembly of the Oregon House and Senate. Oregonians have also elected a Democratic governor, John A. Kitzhaber. These outcomes prove the time, place, and opportunity feasible for garnering public support in urging legislative action to enact single payer health care for ALL, right here, right now.

Social and economic conditions have set the scene for reconciling the problems which Oregonians must resolve. As unemployment and underemployment continue to linger, as preventable diseases increase, as people prematurely and needlessly die, as death rates rise, and birth rates decline, our health and hope slowly dwindle. In addition, we are seeing a rise in loss of property through bankruptcy filings due to increased medical costs and joblessness, which render inadequate shelter. These results are indicative of lack of health care coverage and the means by which we reimburse our health care professionals and providers.

The 2010 federal Affordable Care Act has raised the curtain, revealing opportunities for our state and our political actors to develop the courage to engage in bold steps, using common sense ideas and solutions to protect the general public welfare. Whereas the Governor’s decision to implement measures such as the Healthcare Transformation Reform Act, realized through the Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs), and the Cover Oregon Health Insurance Exchange is indeed noble, the outcome is predictable. The purpose of this noble effort is to provide for expanded, affordable and better health care services at lower costs. However, historical evidence shows that provisions based on these objectives have not reached fruition, leaving hundreds of thousands of families, including children and individuals, without adequate health care coverage, treatment, and affordable services.

For this reason, Health Care for All-Oregon (HCAO), a not-for-profit grassroots mobilization effort, has coalesced with more than 60 other statewide organizations to advocate for a universal and publicly funded health care reimbursement system—a statewide financial system designed to accommodate and meet the needs of all Oregonians, reflecting HCAO’s mantra, “Everybody In, and Nobody Out!”

Perhaps the real question that “We the People”, including our elected officials, should be asking is what long-term consequences are most relevant to developing, maintaining, and sustaining a wholesome social and economic environment? To address this question in an effective and efficient manner requires pragmatism and knowledge of the negative effects on our current and future socio-economic surroundings. We must consider the long-term status of the health and wealth both of our state and of its people. Given these considerations, we must anticipate the potential impacts of a quality life of health, wealth, and worth versus a social life of luxury, privilege, and greed, designed to benefit the few anarchistic and plutocratic-minded among us. The remaining 99% would suffer contagious diseases and deadly outcomes, thereby destroying the democracy and economic stability of our regional existence.

Addressing these concerns would allow us the guidance needed to devise best financial strategies to alleviate increased health care costs. The benefits of this financial intervention would be manifested in the reduction or elimination of health care inequities, disparities, and cost-sharing on behalf of all resident Oregonians. The focus then becomes who will be the intended primary beneficiaries of this outcome. Evidence shows that society will prosper economically and socially by repairing our current health care systems to meet all the needs of its stakeholders. No matter how radical this financial concept or political process may seem, or how unlikely that it will be embraced, the outcome will serve to benefit the public good.

Hence, our focus should be directed toward the outcomes as well as the means. As with all political processes, inclusive of policy proposals, missions and visions, it is vital to keep these provisions in mind. “We the People” will always experience the intended and unintended, the expected and unexpected ramifications of our goals. However, we should not allow the unforeseen outcomes to stop us from undertaking, and overcoming this huge challenge in changing how health care services are financed. To succeed in our purpose to activate health care for all, we must become that mega-voice for HCAO’s mantra, “Everybody In, and Nobody Out!”

Why universal health care now, you may ask. The answers lie with a critical assessment of our current fractured health care payment system and with the political will of our elected officials. We must hold them accountable to represent the people’s business by demonstrating effective stewardship in policy development and by setting the political agenda so as to preserve the democratic process. In so doing, we will have planted the seed of urgency for cultivation and harvest in recognizing that the time is right and the time is now to accomplish health care for all.

No army can withstand the strength of an idea whose time has come. ~ Victor Hugo

Glendora Claybrooks describes herself as a small-town country girl of Native and African heritage who was born on a plantation in Blytheville Arkansas.

“As a young girl growing up,” she says, “I endured social injustices; school segregation, inadequate health care services, and racial discrimination. But I listened to, and read about courageous individuals fighting for my Civil Rights and recognized later that these issues would always be at the human root of our ongoing plights.”

Claybrooks moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1995, and achieved education in Community Health, Health Sciences, Grant Writing and Nonprofits, Civics, Health Administration and Public Management.

“During the course of my tedious life journey, I have finally found that physical place and that human heart which led me into the life of civics and politics, and it is here that I was reborn. Hence, I have been on my way since conception and today, I have finally arrived.”

~Glendora Claybrooks, MHA, GCPM

Published on Feb 10, 2013

TPA  Health Care Portal   (

 We believe healthcare is a human right.

We’ve been told that establishing healthcare as a public good, accessible to all and paid for with public funds, is “politically impractical.” But nothing short of non-profit health care delivery will stop the continuing meltdown of this country’s healthcare system. We can win this fight, if all who are victimized by the system mobilize to challenge the few who profit from it.

OUR MEETINGS: 3rd Tuesdays 6-7:30 PM 
6025 E. Burnside, Portland, Or 97215 (the big green AFSCME bldg.)


Healthcare surveys, house parties, education of ourselves and others, and state-wide mobilization.  We welcome your help in this campaign for universal healthcare. 
Come to the next meeting.

*Bipartisan Cafe (
*Porque No? Taqueria (
*Paloma Clothing (
*Candlelight Room (
*Beaterville Cafe (
*Show Dogs Grooming (
*The Terrell Brandon Barber Shop
*Albina Community Bank (
*Neil Kelly Remodeling (
*Clyde's Prime Rib (
*Nehalem Bay Winery (
*Mirador Community Store (
*Park Lane Jewelry (
*Rebecca Evans Photography
*Working Class Acupuncture (http://www.workingc
*Mississippi Chiropractic (

*Jobs with Justice Health Care Committee
*Nurses for Single Payer
*Center for Intercultural Organizing (
*Tom Dwyer Automotive Services (
*Portland Jobs with Justice (
*Cascade Blues Association (
*Musicians Union, Local 99 (
*Northwest Alliance for Alternative Media & Eduation,

Keep walking and find out why!  

Was Joe Wilson Right?

The rest of the civilized world, along with most of our ostensible "enemies, already have single-payer, non-profit health care. There is zero reason why the richest and most powerful nation on earth cannot provide these basic human rights and services.

I recall when I was teaching college, an immigrant from Russia was one of my students. He was a grandfather. He only came to America, finally, so he could get to know his grand-kids. He was thrilled. But when he became ill, he discovered he was "free" to die in America, because health care is a luxury only the rich can afford. Broken-hearted, he returned to mother Russia, where healthcare is a right and people come before profit.

Here is what Obama said about health care when he was running for office.

“I happen to be a proponent of a single payer universal health care program.” (applause) "I see no reason why the United States of America, the wealthiest country in the history of the world, spending 14 percent of its Gross National Product on health care cannot provide basic health insurance to everybody. And that’s what Jim is talking about when he says everybody in, nobody out. A single payer health care plan, a universal health care plan. And that’s what I’d like to see. But as all of you know, we may not get there immediately. Because first we have to take back the White House, we have to take back the Senate, and we have to take back the House.”

Obama speaking to the Illinois AFL-CIO, June 30, 2003.

~Well, he took the White House, and his party took back the Senate and the House.
But he forgot his promise and refused to discuss nonprofit health care again. Barack Obama could have implemented universal, single-payer, non-profit health care with the stroke of his pen. We could have joined the community of nations where human rights come first.
People would stop losing their homes to pay for medical emergencies.

But Obama chose to surrender the argument to transnational economic cartels and leave insurance profiteers in charge of health care delivery. It is time we joined the civilized world and took the insurance cartels off the table. Back when Medicare was first introduced, these firms claimed imminent disaster, but instead just diversified their investments.What we really need is to take the insurance cartels off the table and provide universal nonprofit health care. Medicare only covers 80% and does not cover dental, eyeglasses and a host of other conditions and circumstances. We want everybody in and nobody left out

The only obstacle to basic health care for every American, is that Obama did not have the courage or integrity to keep his promise.  And Trump simply does not care. 

By all means, sign up for what piecemeal improvements have been made, fork out the cash to the same profiteers who have been gambling with our health care for years...and demand that our legislators take the insurance cartels off the table.

"When we talk about the Affordable Care Act, we mostly focus on the millions of Americans who will gain health insurance coverage. We talk less about the millions who will remain uninsured.

And there are a lot of them: 30 million Americans do not have coverage under our current system of heath care.

Was Joe Wilson Right?  “Even if the law were fully implemented, there would have been 26 million uninsured people,” co-author Steffie Woolhandler said in an interview Thursday. “This isn’t just about the Medicaid expansion. This is the system as originally designed.”

Sarah Kliff covers health policy, focusing on Medicare, Medicaid and the health reform law. She tries to fit in some reproductive health and education policy coverage, too, alongside an occasional hockey reference. Her work has appeared in Newsweek, Politico, and the BBC. She is on Twitter and Facebook.

Contact your elected Officials. Health care is a human right. Say no to war and yes to human rights, peace, and universal health care.

~Tim Flanagan, associate editor of the Alliance 

Too Much Coffee Man

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