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Causa Oregon
Become a U.S. Citizen!

With the help of partnering organizations across the state, Causa can help you with the naturalization application and provide a legal review free of cost. 

Throughout the year Causa will be hosting one-day events (citizenship clinics), in which we will assist Legal Permanent Residents (“green card holders”) who wish to apply for naturalization with the help of an immigration attorney. The legal assistance is completely free! 
This is a Portal for CAUSA provided by

Beaverton: July 20th, 10 AM 
Salem: Location and time TBA 
Portland: Location and time TBA

To attend any of our one-day naturalization assistance events you must go through a pre-screening process and receive a reservation. In the case that we can’t help you, you will be referred to a private immigration attorney. 

To make a reservation for an event, call 503-409-2473.

To qualify for the naturalization process, you must:

• Be at least 18 years old;
• Have been a legal permanent resident for at least the last five years (or three years if married to a U.S. Citizen);
• Have been physically present in the U.S. for at least a total of two years and six months during the past five years (or one year and six months if married to a U.S. Citizen);
• Have not been outside the U.S. for more than a year at a time;
• Be able to speak, read and write conversational English (with exceptions);
• Be able to pass a U.S. Civics and History exam (with exceptions);
• Be a person of “good moral character”;
• Be willing to take an oath of loyalty to the U.S.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services filing fee for the naturalization application is $680.00; you may be eligible for a fee waiver to file at no cost if you receive DHS public benefits.


Senate Bill 742 will ensure that every Oregon student has fair access to quality and affordable higher education. It will also make it possible for all Oregon Students, regardless of their citizenship status, to be able to pay in-state tuition. Besides capitalizing on taxpayer investment in Oregon's K-12 students, it will boost the education level of Oregon's workforce and bring in more tax dollars to the state's general fund.

Support for Senate Bill 742 continues to grow in the Oregon State Legislature and around Oregon.  Here is a list of organizations who support passage of the legislation: Association of Oregon Industries (AOI), Portland Business Alliance (PBA), Oregon Students Association (OSA), Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Oregon Education Association (OEA), Center For Intercultural Organizing (CIO), CAUSA, Oregon's Immigrant Rights Coalition, American Federation of Teachers (AFT), Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO), Latino Network, The Bus Project, Basic Rights Oregon (BRO), Gresham Youth Advisory Committee, Adelante Mujeres, Jobs with Justice, Oregon Thrives, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon,  Upstream Public Health, and the Multnomah Youth Commission.

Be sure to show your support for Senate Bill 742
Also, if you haven't already, please contact members of the Rule Committee and encourage them to support this legislation for Oregon Students and Oregon's future.

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