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Defend DACA & TPS Rally in Salem

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Thursday, Oct. 6, 2016 at 6 p.m.
Oaks Pavilion
7805 SE Oaks Park Way
Portland, OR 97202

Tickets: $75 per person

Tickets include dinner, drinks and entrance. Join us as we eat and enjoy music!

Causa's gala is a great opportunity to celebrate with friends and colleagues. If you're an organization leader or business owner, consider buying a table (10 tickets) or half table (5) for your staff. 


"For us, it's important that there's a driver card because my parents would be able to drive without fear, and I can be calmer knowing that they won't be taken to jail just because they don't have a license."

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Causa Applauds Civil Rights Lawsuit Aimed at Restoring Driving Rights to All Qualified Oregon Residents

Causa Oregon applauds the filing of today’s civil rights lawsuit by Oregon Law Center challenging the constitutionality of Measure 88, which overturned a law providing driver cards to all qualified Oregon residents. The Constitution establishes rights to equal protection and due process to all people that should not and cannot be taken away.

“The rejection of Measure 88 in 2014 did not eliminate the very real and very urgent need for driver cards in Oregon,” said Andrea Miller, Executive Director of Causa. “Oregon continues to be a state in which immigrant mothers and fathers cannot legally and safely drive to carry out every day activities like taking their kids to school, visiting the doctor’s office, or buying groceries.”

All over the state, thousands of Oregon residents have been harmed by the lack of access to driving privileges, including the Hernandez family. Anastasia is a Washington County resident and mother of four children. They are all U.S. citizens, but Anastasia’s husband is undocumented, barring him from applying for an Oregon driver license.“He still has to drive because he’s our main income and without his income, we couldn’t afford to live,” said Anastasia Hernandez. “Our kids are very aware that Dad doesn’t have a license and what the consequences are. They’re always wondering if Dad will get back home, what will happen if he gets pulled over. Having a driver card would mean less stress, lower insurance premiums, more freedoms, we wouldn’t have to worry about going out, who’s driving and where, what time he gets home.”

Historically, Oregon has issued driving privileges to all residents who meet standard driving requirements, regardless of legal status. The Department of Motor Vehicles estimates that over 80,000 Oregon residents who previously had a driver’s license have not been able to renew their license due to legal status, and without an alternative driver card they have no path to drive legally and safely in Oregon.

“We’re pleased that brave plaintiffs have stood up to seek justice and equal rights under law and that lawyers agree that there is a legal objection to this issue. If rights guaranteed under our Constitution are being denied, that should be taken to a court of law for final resolution” said Andrea Miller, Executive Director of Causa.

M.S. et al. vs. Brown et al. is a civil rights case challenging the use of an Oregon ballot measure to take away rights granted by the Oregon Legislature based on disagreements over federal immigration policy. Measure 88 struck down the driver card statute in order to discourage immigrants from coming to or staying in Oregon. This state action puts Oregon into a position of requiring the Oregon DMV to use legal status as screening criteria to prevent access to driving privileges.

“Lawyers say that the attempt to overturn the Safe Roads Act is not legal. We know it’s not right,” said Andrea Miller.

Read more about the lawsuit here


Causa aplaude la Demanda por derechos civiles que tiene como meta la restauración de los derechos de manejar para todos los residentes de Oregon que califiquen.

Causa Oregon aplaude la presentación de hoy de una demanda por derechos civiles desafiando la constitucionalidad de la Medida 88, la cual invalidó una ley que proveía Tarjetas de Manejo para todos los residentes de Oregon que califiquen.La Constitución establece derechos de protección igualitaria y debido proceso para toda la gente y  que no deberían ser  quitados.

“El rechazo de la Medida 88 en 2014, no eliminó la muy real y muy urgente necesidad de Tarjetas de Manejar en Oregon.” dijo Andrea Miller, Directora Ejecutiva de Causa. “Oregon continúa siendo un estado en el cual las madres y padres inmigrantes no pueden manejar legal y seguramente, para llevar a cabo todas las actividades diarias, como llevar los niños a la escuela, asistir a las citas del doctor o comprar mercadería”

En todo el Estado, miles de residentes de Oregon han sido afectados por la falta de acceso a los privilegios de manejar, incluyendo la familia Hernandez. Anastasia es una residente del condado de Washington y madre de cuatro hijos. Ellos son todos ciudadanos americanos, pero el esposo de Anastasia es indocumentado, lo que le impide solicitar una licencia de manejar de Oregon.
“El todavía tiene que manejar porque es nuestro principal ingreso y sin su ingreso, nosotros no podríamos vivir”, dijo Anastasia Hernandez. “Nuestros hijos están muy al tanto de que Papá no tiene una licencia de manejo y cuáles son las consecuencias. Ellos están siempre preguntándose si Papá volverá a casa, qué pasará si él es parado. Tener una licencia de manejar, significaría menos estrés, seguro automotriz más económico, más libertades, nosotros no tendríamos que preocuparnos si salimos, quién está manejando y adónde, a qué hora llega a casa”

Históricamente, Oregon ha otorgado privilegios de manejar para todos los residente que reúnen los requisitos para manejar, sin importar el estatus legal. El Departamento de vehículos Automotores, estima que más de 80.000 residentes de Oregon que previamente tenían una licencia de manejo no han podido renovarla debido a su estatus legal, y sin una Tarjeta de manejar alternativa, ellos no tienen un paso a manejar legal y seguramente en Oregon.

“Nosotros estamos complacidos  de que los valientes demandantes se han puesto de pie para buscar justicia e iguales derechos bajo la ley, y los abogados están de acuerdo en que hay una objeción legal en este asunto. Si los derechos garantizados bajo nuestra constitución son negados, eso debería ser llevado a una corte de la ley para una resolución final” dijo Andrea Miller, Directora Ejecutiva de Causa.

M.S et al.vs. Brown et al. es un caso de derechos civiles desafiando el uso de una medida en la Boleta de Oregon para quitar derechos garantizados por la Legislatura de Oregon, basado en desacuerdos sobre políticas federales de Inmigración. La Medida 88 demolió el estatuto de la Tarjeta de manejar para desanimar a los inmigrantes de venir y/o establecerse en Oregon. Este estado de cosas puso al DMV de Oregon en la posición de requerir  estatus legal como una condición para acceder a l privilegio de manejar.

“Los abogados dicen que el intento de invalidar la Ley de Carreteras Seguras no es legal. Nosotros sabemos que no es justo” dijo Andrea Miller.

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To attend any of our one-day naturalization assistance events you must go through a pre-screening process and receive a reservation. In the case that we can’t help you, you will be referred to a private immigration attorney. 

To make a reservation for an event, call 503-409-2473.

To qualify for the naturalization process, you must:

• Be at least 18 years old;
• Have been a legal permanent resident for at least the last five years (or three years if married to a U.S. Citizen);
• Have been physically present in the U.S. for at least a total of two years and six months during the past five years (or one year and six months if married to a U.S. Citizen);
• Have not been outside the U.S. for more than a year at a time;
• Be able to speak, read and write conversational English (with exceptions);
• Be able to pass a U.S. Civics and History exam (with exceptions);
• Be a person of “good moral character”;
• Be willing to take an oath of loyalty to the U.S.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services filing fee for the naturalization application is $680.00; you may be eligible for a fee waiver to file at no cost if you receive DHS public benefits.


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