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Alliance for Democracy - creating a system that works for 
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A Portal at The Portland Alliance

Alliance for DemocracyJune '22 OR Progressive Party monthly newsletter for news on how our candidates fared in the May primary, updates on initiatives OPP is supporting, the War and Peace report and more.

Hello, Oregon Progressive Party members and supporters. Welcome to the latest of our monthly newsletters on what we are up to and other items of interest to the Oregon Progressive community.
Progressive Party War and Peace Report
This story was ignored by the corporate media:
Oregon Progressive Party issued this statement regarding the war between Russia and Ukraine.
In part it states: "NATO must lead on creating the path to a cease fire, de-escalation, long term security and peace by publishing a clear, unequivocal written assurance Ukraine will remain a free and neutral nation and that NATO will not absorb Ukraine." Rest of the statement here."
While this war has been happening, President Biden released his proposed budget for FY 2023. He has budgeted a massive $813 billion, representing a 4% increase over what was just signed into law for FY22. That is $31 billion more than last year's budget, touted by Trump as by far the most military spending in history. For the past several years, Congress has added $25 billion over what the President has requested. And it is highly likely that more will be added to cover costs of military assistance to Ukraine. In fact, such an addition has been make already
More details on the Biden proposed budget in this CNN article:
And the National Priorities Project (of Brown University) issued a statement:
Tell them that their silence on war and the ever-increasing war budget is not OK; they need to support cutting the military budget and move the money to fulfill human needs.
Cut the "defense" budget, don't increase it.
David Delk, Chair of the OR Progressive Party wrote a letter to editor which was published by the Portland Tribune, regarding the ever increasing war budget and the lack of questioning of the policy by the media as well as candidates for office.
"Disarming Violence and Establishing Peace"
Alliance for Democracy's new issue of Justice Rising tackles the issue of "Disarming Violence and Establishing Peace". AfD will send you a copy of this 24-page issue at no charge. You just supply your address and it will be in the mail to you in a couple of weeks. Provide your address here. And take a quick preview peak here of the new edition cover and a sample article.
Oregon Progressive Party Candidate Endorsements
How well did OPP endorsed candidates do in the May 2022 primary election?
Chris Henry, running for OR Labor Commissioner, withdrew from the race prior to election day, as did Eric Delehoy, running for the state House in Dist. #44.
Be a Oregon Progressive Party candidate - any level of government
If you are progressive and have thought of running for office (local, state or national level), the OR Progressive Party wants you on our team, either as an endorsed candidate or a nominated candidate.
We need progressive people on the ballot at all levels of government: city council, county commission, or water district board, school board, state representative or senator, statewide office, or seat in U.S. Congress.
Learn what is required and what the benefits are for you here.
Peoples' Action to Enact
Campaign Finance Limits
Oregon voters clearly want effective limits on political campaign contributions and spending in Oregon elections.
Oregon Honest Elections and the OR Progressive Party WILL NEED YOUR HELP getting a initiative petition of limits on the Nov 2024 ballot. Sign up here to help the OR Progressive Party help with the campaign gathering signatures when the time comes.
The OR Secretary of State (SOS), Shemia Fagan, incorrectly declared that our initiatives for November 2022 election do not meet requirements regarding the inclusion of the full text of OR law which would be affected in the initiatives themselves. This has now indeed killed our initiatives for 2022. But we are not giving up!
New Initiative(s) to be filed soon!
So we will file new petition(s) soon and work to get them qualified for the November 2024 ballot. Whatever we file will still be based on our principles: No loopholes. No special interest money in the election process. Transparency as to who is giving what to who.
We need to now build a base of signature gatherers for this new effort. We also need to know who might help contribute funds for this new effort. So if you can do either, please sign up as a supporter of the initiatives we have already filed for the 2022 ballot below. You will be added to our growing list of supporters, funders and collectors of signatures.
Sign up to help get campaign finance reform on Nov 2024 ballot.
Stop Freeway Expansion
- No Rose Quarter project
- No more lanes across Columbia River
Expanding freeways with more lanes is an environmental disaster in the making. Yet the State of Oregon continues with their efforts to expand the number of lanes on I-5 in the Portland Rose Quarter area, and proposals for the replacement I-5 crossing bridge are focused on building more lanes. At least this time, it appears that the bridge will include mass transit options, but those are really just window dressing to sell us the larger environmentally damaging package. NO MORE FREEWAYS, a grassroots organization, continues to be a major voice for sanity, calling for no more lanes in either the Rose Quarter or on a new bridge crossing. Here is their latest e-newsletter to learn more on this organizing and on the new coalition formed specifically on the Columbia River Crossing, called Just Crossing Alliance.
Health Care for All Oregon Action recent email calls for citizen lobbying of Sen Wyden: Co-sponsor the recently introduced bill for Medicare for All into this Congress. Sen. Wyden has not signed on as a co-sponsor yet. It is important that he do because he is Chair of the Senate Revenue Committee, which will likely hold hearings on this important bill. Read the email here for all the details and then contact Sen Wyden.
Note that Sen. Merkley is an original co-sponsor.
A similar bill (HR1976) was introduced into the House of Representative by Rep. Jayapal (D.WA) with OR Rep. Blumenauer, Bonamici and DeFazio as original co-sponsors. Call them and thank them for their support.
Sign Initiative Petitions by
printing and mailing them to the campaigns yourself
Several initiative petition campaigns now allow individual supporters to sign their initiative petitions by printing them from their websites, signing them and then mailing them in. No reason to wait to find a signature gatherer at some event or on the street. You can do it yourself.
Three initiative petition campaigns which OR Progressive Party supports for the Nov 2022 ballot are among this group. Two are regarding end gun violence in Oregon and the third would rebate to every Oregon resident approximately $750 annually.
More on initiative petition efforts that OR Progressive Party supports
Lift Every Voice Oregon, the initiative campaign to end gun violence in Oregon has a new website and you can endorse their efforts now. Endorse here.
Campaign update: Lift Every Voice Oregon was collecting signatures on two initiatives. However, they have decided to drop signature gathering on IP 18 and focus just on IP 17 in order to get the required number of valid OR voter signatures. They will work with the legislature to enact the IP18 provisions into law that way.
People, Not Politicians, the initiative petition effort to remove the Oregon legislature from the redistricting process and replacing the legislature with a non-partisan citizens committee will refile their petition soon with the objective to get on the Nov. 2024 ballot. Endorse here.
OPP statement on Roe v. Wade coming Supreme Court decision
"Appalling and repugnant"
It is well understood that reducing the right to abortion is a top priority of Republican politicians, while protecting it is akin to a litmus test for Democratic politicians and those more progressive than the Democrats (like the Oregon Progressive Party). One would expect that the United States Supreme Court decision would galvanize the 70% of voters who are pro-choice to vote against Republicans and vote for Democrats and other pro-choice candidates. This pro-choice vote could determine the outcomes in many contests, nationwide, and probably preserve the Democratic majorities in the U.S. Senate and U.S. House.
Whether that will ultimately protect the right to choose is uncertain. Also likely on the Supreme Court chopping block are rights for gay people, gay marriage, and even interracial marriage. Read about this increased danger in this Common Dreams article, Critics Warn Alito Draft Threatens Much, Much More Than Abortion Rights. But we think that threatening abortion rights is bad enough by itself.
Connect with the OPP
OPP has a monthly public party meeting on the fourth Monday each month at 7 PM. Currently we are meeting via Zoom; we might be moving to in-person again soon in Portland, but we will continue to have the Zoom option. To receive notification of future meetings, please join our Google Group. To receive occasional emails about important issues (one or two per month), join our Email List.
Visit our website at, We are on Facebook here.
As an Oregon registered voter, you can give a tax refundable donation of up to $50 once a year and then get it all back as a credit on your Oregon income taxes. There is no reason to wait to the end of the year. Do it now.

Titling Work Copyright

David e. Delk, President,
Alliance for Democracy - Portland
| 503.232.5495 |
Alliance for Democracy


Soil health is key to climate protection: Know your local farmer, support your local farms



by Bonnie Preston, Vice Co-chair

Probably everyone worried about climate change knows that approximately 50% of greenhouse gas emissions are due to our industrial agriculture system. Picture the huge tractors in the fields, the thousands of miles that semi-trailers travel getting food from the farms to the supermarkets, and the methane from the manure lagoons.

However, probably the most destructive thing (at least equal to the human health problems caused by processed food) has been the killing of the soil. The heavy use of of chemical fertilizers, poisons (pesticides and herbicides), the monoculture crops and GMO seeds is keeping the soil from being the carbon sink it used to be.

  • Alliance for Democracy had the above meeting a year ago February...
    This could be the most pivotal year ever... 


    DAYTON, OH: Dayton MTA Monthly Business Meeting

    Thursday, January 10, 2019 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm

    College Hill Community Church  /1547 Philadelphia Dr.  /  45406 Dayton , OH

    Newcomers welcome!

    We meet monthly to continue to advance our program to end corporate rule and restore democracy to We the People. At this meeting we'll review status of current projects, schedule tabling events, and finalize our plans for Dark Money showings.

    Conference call option:  Dial-in Number: 605-472-5781  Access Code: 466788

    Contact Information






    Groups:   OH - Dayton  Ohio

    Here are upcoming events for 2019 including... 
    San Jose CA,  DelRay Beach Florida, Fresno California, Portland Oregon, Tuscaloosa Alabama, Tampa Florida, Dayton Ohio, Sacramento California, Xenia Ohio, St. Paul MN and 2 in Dayton Ohio

    Has the time come for creating a public bank in Portland?

    Too-Big-To-Fail banks are tied to high risk speculative investing for the benefit of the bank's major stock holders.

    Currently, the city's deposits are held by private banking establishments. What could happen if, instead of supporting those banks via our city's use of those banks, we created a locally owned public bank to cycle city revenues back into the local economy?

    How much additional revenue from such a cycling of city revenues into a city public bank would be generated for investment in affordable and low-income housing, infrastructure and community-based economic development?

    Walt McFee, chair of the Public Banking Institute, addressed how public banking is being explored around the nation, including in Seattle and Santa Fe, and how Portland could benefit from exploring the options and opportunities presented by formation of a municipal public bank.

    This event was Sponsored by Economic Justice Action Group of First Unitarian Church, Alliance for Democracy
    Admission: donations were requested, but no one was turned away for lack of funds.
    Doors opened at 6:30 PM


David e. Delk | 503.232.5495 | Alliance for Democracy Move to Amend Portland | Oregon Progressive Party | 

Alliance for Democracy  Media

Defending Water for Life in Oregon

Water for life, not for profit!

By GEORGE PLAVEN Capital Press Jan 3, 2019

It was a crisis more than 60 years in the making.

The Umatilla Basin in northeast Oregon is home to some of the state’s most productive farmland, famously growing more than 200 different crops including wheat, corn, potatoes and watermelon. Irrigation pivots dominate the countryside, transforming scrubby desert into lush, green fields.

The development of the region’s farms and cities, however, came at a price underground. As early as 1958, […]


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