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Rules of Grammar

Rules of grammar exist. But personal writing styles often provide a special license to ignore or disobey the rules.
The serial comma provides a unique perspective on rules and style.

The Oxford comma is correct when used or not used consistently in any piece of writing. Certain types of writing
(poetry, creative prose, private notes, email, novels, vernacular, dialog, etc)  can most often be written in various
(even truculent) styles which may transcend, ignore, or purposely violate grammar rules for myriad purposes and ends.

Many imaginative writers and creative thinkers feel constrained by rules and inclined to rebel.  There is much to be
said for thinking outside or underneath the box, or even for thinking without consideration for boxes. Without lurid
imagination, creative synthesis, and variable styles...  writing is less interesting, pedantic, and shallow. Or not.

But rules of grammar will still be written on the board (whiteboard, blackboard, screen, or monitor) by imperious,
surreptitious, clandestine, or collaborative teachers (at least for as long as teachers continue to bother to learn the rules).
And this baseline of rules will continue to inspire rebellion. Many who are wont to rewrite the rules or simply feel
compelled to break them... might be well advised to remember the admonitions of George Orwell.

"In 1946, writer George Orwell wrote an impassioned essay, 'Politics and the English Language'.  He railed against
dangers he saw in 'ugly and inaccurate' contemporary written English – particularly in politics where 'pacification'
can be used to mean "defenseless villages are bombarded from the air, the inhabitants driven out into the countryside,
the cattle machine-gunned, the huts set on fire with incendiary bullets...".

The baseline of grammar rules do matter. Many would not rewrite them. Some see the rules we have been provided
as totemic mysteries. We continue to observe the rules when this is the most effective method for delivering a
particular message to a clearly defined audience. And at other times... we choose to break the rules, deconstruct
language, transcend tradition, and explode perceptions to embrace epiphany, translate chaos, and avoid confusion.

The bottom line of language, linguistics, and communication is this... while we may be captives... constrained and
restricted by the human condition... we are more than this.   So much more than can be expressed by commas...
serial, Oxford, or otherwise. And much of this, who and what we are, will in time be communicated beyond the realm
of language, in a symbiosis of emotion, spiritual underpinnings, and blossoming joys and delights as yet barely
imagined, demurely suggested, or lightly sketched. And when we arrive at this intersection... all of our language
may fall away into new beginnings.

So yes! "There is a spoon" (and a fork and knife): however pointless all three may be to one who hungers. Rules,
grammar, and syntax matter... but only for so long as we imagine some need to translate chaos. But the day may
arrive when we become enmeshed, and chaos: harmonious, melodic, and compelling becomes us. And we become it.
If this point arrives, we may reinvent the rules. Are we there yet?

Tim Flanagan, Associate editor of The Portland Alliance

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Vol. XXXV, Number 3 March 2015 http://www.ThePortlandAlliance.org/2015/March

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The fate of the socialist left is tied to that of the working class movement—and the last four decades of one-sided class war have had dire consequences for both. The thread linking today’s generation of young workers to U.S. labor’s proud history of class struggle has been effectively broken and must be developed anew. This is a daunting but necessary task for rebuilding the working-class movement. Get the whole story:


 An ISO View of the Future of the Left  A community forum of leaders and activists discussing
vision and strategy for liberation 

more info:  http://www.ThePortlandAlliance.org/blacklivesmatter

 “Winter Blues” Music Festival is pleased to announce that
after three successful years, WBMF is returning with another weekend of great music to chase away the wintertime blues.

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China Is Building a $1.85B Methanol Plant in ‘Cancer Alley’ Louisiana but nobody bothered to inform

the Predominantly Black Community The company slated to run
the plant in St. James Parish, Yuhuang Chemical Inc.,

is seeking expedited permits to construct
and operate a plant on the sprawling
1,100-acre site and is awaiting the
Louisiana Department of Environmental
Quality’s determination of the environmental
impact of the project, a decision
that is expected on March 6, 2015.

more info:  http://www.ThePortlandAlliance.org/blacklivesmatter
and here more info:      http://www.ThePorlandAlliance.org/aljazeera

Breaking News & Views for the Progressive CommunitySingle-Payer: It’s What the People Want

Published on Tuesday, January 20, 2015  by Common Dreams
New poll shows majority of Americans support such a system. 
by  Andrea Germanos, staff writer

check it out:  http://www.ThePortlandAlliance.org/commondreams

Will the U.S. Government Stand Alone in Rejecting Children’s Rights?

By Lawrence S. Wittner
Within a matter of months, the U.S.
government seems likely to become
the only nation in the world still
rejecting the 1989 UN Convention
on the Rights of the Child
.  Sometimes
called “the most ratified human rights
treaty in history,” the Convention
has been ratified by 195 nations,
leaving the United States and South
Sudan as the only holdouts.
South Sudan is expected
to move forward with ratification later this year.
But there is no indication that the United States
will approve this children’s defense treaty.

find out why at: http://www.ThePortlandAlliance.org/wittner

How the US Helped Create Al Qaeda and ISIS


Much like Al Qaeda, the Islamic State (ISIS) is made-in-the-USA,
an instrument of terror designed to divide and conquer the oil-rich
Middle East and to counter Iran’s growing influence in the region.

The fact that the United States has a long and torrid
history of backing terrorist groups will surprise only
those who watch vol 22 no 1 coverthumbthe news and ignore history.

…The director of the National Security Agency under
Ronald Reagan, General William Odom recently
remarked, “by any measure the U.S. has long used
terrorism. In 1978-79 the Senate was trying to pass
a law against international terrorism – in every version
they produced, the lawyers said the U.S. would be
in violation.”
rest of story:  http://www.ThePortlandAlliance.org/counterpunch
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Author Robert Dugoni

“Robert Dugoni: ‘Creating Plots for Page Turners’”

As a special “sneak peek” preview to the new venue for the 2014 Willamette Writers Conference, Willamette Writers is hosting a unique literary afternoon with speaker, teacher and New York Times bestselling suspense writer and author of seven wildly popular books (including his most recent, The Conviction). The event will lead with a presentation by Dugoni on developing plot and creating a story that compels the reader, followed by a more intimate writing workshop on “Creating Plots for Page Turners.” As an additional perk, Attendees will have the option of purchasing a $20 raffle ticket which will entitle 3 lucky winners with an hour of 1:1 time with Dugoni following the workshop.  

This is an event not to be missed

Robert Dugoni lives in Seattle where - in addition to teaching and writing - is currently of counsel for a Seattle law firm.  Visit his website at www.robertdugoni.com,  Robert.Dugoni on Facebook, and @robertdugoni on Twitter.

Dugoni will be the Keynote speaker at the Willamette Writers Membership Meeting on May 17th, at the Double Tree – Lloyd Center. Doors open at 1:00 p.m., the meeting begins at 1:15 p.m.  Meeting Attendance is free to members and full time students under 22; non-members pay $10. Workshop attendance is $50 for members, $86 for non-members; registration required.

About Willamette Writers: Willamette Writers is the largest writers’ organization in Oregon and one of the largest in the United States.  Founded in Portland in 1965, it has grown to over 1,800 members with branches in Southern Oregon, Mid-Valley, Salem and the Oregon Coast. Members can now work at the new Willamette Writers Cynthia Whitcomb Writing House in West Linn. More detailed information is available at www.willamettewriters.com or by calling 503-305-6729.

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