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Mike Hastie Photography & Words

The Real Domino Theory

Since the end of World War II, the U.S.
Government has bombed 28 countries.
These countries have become an ammo belt
going into an M-60 machine gun.
Short bursts over time, so it doesn't
look like the U.S. is trying to take over
the world over night.
You don't want to pull the trigger non-stop,
because that would give away America's cover.
So, here we go again, with another country that
America has deemed as a threat to our national
security, our corporate interests, and the American
way of life.
If we don't stop ISIS in Syria, they will land on the
Oregon Coast.

When the United States was attacked on Sept. 11, 2001,
approximately 3,000 citizens died.
Americans were absolutely shocked, and the following
month the U.S. Military started bombing Afghanistan.
In March 2003, the U.S. Military started bombing Iraq
Remember what Madeleine Albright said to Leslie Stahl
about civilian deaths of Iraqi children on 60 Minutes on
May 12, 1996?
Google You Tube...

During the Vietnam War, the U.S. Government conservatively
murdered 3,000 innocent Vietnamese civilians every week.
That's 12,000 every month.
That's 144,000 every year.
That's 1,152,000 civilians for the war,
if we say the war lasted eight years.
That is a very conservative estimate.
Many people would triple that number.
Many people would go beyond that.

When I left Vietnam in 1971,
American soldiers in my unit
were shooting heroin, they
were shooting fellow soldiers
with their M-16s, and they were
shooting themselves.
Unzip a body bag and you see
the madness.
Mike Hastie
Army Medic Vietnam
September 13, 2014

Phillip Jones Griffiths, a famous combat photographer
who covered the Vietnam War, had this to say about
the discrepancy of Vietnamese killed versus Americans:
" The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.
is 150 yards long. It has the names of 58,000 American
soldiers who were killed. If the same memorial was built
for the Vietnamese that were killed, it would be 9 miles

Photograph of a little girl at the " Wall " in Washington, D.C.
Taken in September 1986 by Mike Hastie. Poetry by a close
friend from Seattle, Washington.


Living in America,
sometimes makes me think
I live in a luxurious concentration camp.
I can have anything I want as long as I obey certain rules.

If I can't do that, there is a selection
process waiting for me. 

Mike Hastie
Army Medic Vietnam
March 13, 2014

Always Cover Up The Madness

The United States Government did not
have concentration camps in Iraq.
The Pentagon did not need them.
They just killed 500,000 Iraqi children.
That's how you bring the enemy to the
peace table.
You just do the unbelievable.
Mike Hastie
Army Medic Vietnam
August 30, 2013

A U.S. Senate study acknowledged that by
1968, an estimated 300,000 Vietnamese
civilians had been killed or wounded in
free-fire zones.
Nick Turse
Kill Anything That Moves

Photo by Mike Hastie
An Khe, Vietnam


All American Limo Over There

There we are
There we are
Oh The Yanks are coming
The Yanks are coming
and it won't be over until
The Yanks completely control
the Middle East over there.
There we are
There we are
Oh The Yanks keep bombing
The Yanks keep bombing
and it won't be over until
The Yanks destroy innocent
people over there.
Now it's Syria
Now it's Syria
And the Yanks blame Assad for
using sarin gas
for using sarin gas
against his own people over there.
It's a lie
It's a lie
especially when The Yanks did nothing
when Hussein used poison gas against the
Iranians and the Kurds over there.
Or The Yanks spraying 19 million gallons of a
carcinogenic chemical called, "Agent Orange,"
on innocent people in Vietnam.
Or The Yanks using Depleted Uranium in Iraq
on innocent people over there.
The Yanks are lying
The Yanks are lying
And if the U.S. Government is not stopped
the world will be over over there.
Mike Hastie
Army Medic Vietnam
September 2, 2013

Photograph by Mike Hastie August 31, 2013
Portland, Oregon after a "Don't Attack Syria Rally."
Woman is wearing a shirt that reads:
W A R  Wealthy Are Richer

The Nobel Peace Prize President
speaks eloquently to 300,000,000
American people in their hour of
spiritual need.
Mike Hastie
Army Medic Vietnam
September 4, 2013

Guns, Bombs and Other Means of Killing

Every time I see the American flag,
I see the stars of countries we have
In order to survive, I have to separate
myself from America's National Shame.
I have always seen this as a form of
Political Incest, the same shame that
families suffer from when there is
incest within the family system.
This has been a lifetime effort for me,
ever since I returned from Vietnam.
It is a sense of freedom that is priceless.
Mike Hastie
Army Medic Vietnam
February 24, 2013

Photo by Mike Hastie. Gun store in a small
town near Portland, Oregon.


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