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Tri-Met Portal: Public Transportation in Decline

Hart Noecker posted in Occupy TriMet
Hart Noecker     9:29pm Apr 7
Forty years ago a bunch of transit and community activists got together to shut down the proposed
Mt Hood Freeway (currently Division St.). The story of how Portland cam to be the kind of place
we love is directly tied to the kind of activism that we hope to continue. We have a proud tradition
of building livable communities by opposing destructive auto-centric development in favor of reliable
public transportation.
    The Defeat of the Mt. Hood Freeway (Portland, Ore.)  

Procedures Regarding Public Testimony Before
The TriMet Board of Directors (“Board”)
The TriMet board of directors generally holds its regular meeting on the fourth Wednesday of every month. (During the months of December and August, Board meetings are often held at an earlier date in those months. Public notice is provided in advance of the time and location of all Board meetings.)
Board agendas are published on the Friday or Saturday before each Wednesday’s regular meeting and are also put on TriMet’s website ( Anyone also can sign up to receive advance e-mail notification and a copy of upcoming Board meeting agendas. Public Comments are also welcome at (503) 238-RIDE, or through TriMet’s e-mail system – accessed through These are the best ways to communicate specific service issues.
The Board greatly values public comment or suggestions in written form or during a regular Board Meeting. The following procedures apply to public testimony before the Board.
(A) Agenda Items
Purpose: To provide a procedure for enabling public comment before the Board on specific Agenda Items. Public testimony allows the Board to receive comments on specific agenda items, but does not allow an opportunity for dialogue.
All testimony must be related to the specific Board agenda item being considered at that time.
(B) Public Forum Communications
Purpose: To provide a procedure for general public communications before the Board during the Public Forum portion of regular Board meetings. These communications allow the Board to hear testimony on TriMet operations and policies and general transit issues that interest citizens and customers, but does not allow an opportunity for dialogue.
(C) Public Testimony Procedures
The Procedure for presenting public testimony to the Board is as follows:
 The Board administrative staff places a public testimony sign-up sheet outside the Board’s regular meeting room approximately 30 minutes before the scheduled meeting.
 Individuals must sign up in person on a first come, first serve basis.
 The Board President or Presiding Officer will read off the names in order of all individuals who have signed up to testify on a specific Agenda Item.