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Third Party Campaign statement: 

Justice for Trayvon Martin and all victims of racist violence!

George Zimmerman must be held responsible for the racist,
reprehensible murder of Black 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, and the
Durham-López campaign joins with thousands of others in calling
for his immediate arrest. But the culpability for Martin's tragic death
extends far beyond the neighborhood watch vigilante who killed
him in cold blood - and then was treated as the victim, not the
criminal, by the police.

Zimmerman lives in a society where racial violence is perpetrated,
condoned, or ignored every day by those in power: politicians,
government officials, and police. He lives in a society where five
New York City cops who slew African American Sean Bell, firing
50 bullets, serve no time. Where that same city's cops used the
"Stop and Frisk" policy to harass over 684,000 people last year,
most of them racial minorities. Where murders of immigrants at the
border go unpunished. And where brutal "hazing" of Asian
Americans in the military resulted last year in the apparent suicides
of soldiers Danny Chen and Harry Lew.

The racial stereotyping of Black and Latino boys and young men
as dangerous and out of control has brought grief not only to
Trayvon Martin's parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, but to
untold families. This stereotyping is not a result of human nature.
It exists only because the foundation of institutional racism that this
country was built on - genocide against Native Americans, Black
slavery, the super-exploitation of Asian and Latino labor -
remains. And the politicians of the establishment parties are part of
the problem, not part of the solution.

President Obama and other Democrats and Republicans offer
words of empathy and condolence, and some of them may even
be sincere. But where are the sweeping jobs bills? Where is the
generous funding for public education? Where is a push for the
reinstatement of affirmative action, for equal pay, for an end to
discrimination in housing and lending? Where is the effort to end
police abuse?

Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) candidates Stephen Durham for
president and Christina López for vice president are participating in
the growing protests demanding justice for Trayvon Martin, and
hope they signal the coming of a massive, multiracial movement
for justice for all people of color in every area of life. The campaign
advocates the firing of Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee, an end to
"Stand Your Ground" laws and Stop and Frisk, and the instituting of
elected civilian review boards with enforcement powers over the
police nationwide.

The Durham-López campaign also stands for getting rid of the
capitalist system, which absolutely relies for its survival not only on
racism but also on sexism, heterosexism, nationalism, and the daily
denial of workers' rights. The campaign is dedicated to advancing
the cause of socialism, a system dedicated to meeting the needs of
working people of every color and encouraging solidarity and
cooperation among them. This is the only way to create a world
where no teenager dies because of the color of his skin.

Contact: Doug Barnes, Campaign Manager

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