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You Are Invited to An Art Opening!

Larry Cwik


The Far North, Portrait of the Arctic

Summary: In his first solo Portland exhibit in 3 1/2 years, Portland artist and photographer Larry Cwik will present his newest project, The Far North, Portrait of the Arctic, at the Northview Gallery of Portland Community College – Sylvania Campus.  The show will run from October 5 - November 7, 2015.  It will include 25 large framed limited edition color photographic works.  Cwik will also debut at the Northview Gallery a four minute and 10 second high-definition color video with sound as part of the project.

more info:
My Web

Larry is a sometimes photographer and writer with The Alliance.

Graffiti Police Force Artist to Buff Owner-Authorized Mural

see rest of story at
On Monday August 12, 2013 the City of Portland was about to have a new and exciting addition to its public art collection. Cannon Dill, a highly regarded artist from San Francisco was visiting Portland. He is known for incredibly detailed black and white aerosol murals of enchanting wolf-like creatures and his murals can be seen in cities across the country, including Chicago, Detroit, Denver, Oakland, Brooklyn, Kansas City, Minneapolis, and New Orleans. His artwork is usually welcomed and celebrated as invigorating dull walls and dilapidated urban environments. However, to our dismay, it was met with contempt in Portland.

Cannon Dill and Brett Flanagan Mural in Pilsen District, Chicago 2013

Cannon Dill and Brett Flanagan Mural in Pilsen Neighborhood, Chicago 2013

About a quarter of the way through painting a self-funded mural on the side of a chronically tagged building in inner Southeast Portland (SE 9th and Ash) Dill was interrupted by two Portland Police officers.

The building owner, who arrived at the scene shortly after, immediately expressed their satisfaction with the progress and told the officers that they had given Dill permission to paint the mural.  The owner explained that they were trying to deter repeat graffiti tagging. Over the years, they have spent a lot of money (city fines and supplies) and time painting over unwanted markings. Art murals are a proven way of reducing tagging and increasing the economic and cultural vitality of a neighborhood.

After realizing that Dill’s mural was not un-authorized ‘graffiti’ and was instead an owner-authorized mural, the Portland Police officers seemed to be appeased. At that point, in most cities, the situation would have been over and the artist would have been allowed to continue. But in Portland, painting a mural is not that easy.

Shortly after, officer Anthony Zanetti, one of the Portland Police Department’s two Graffiti Abatement Task Force officers arrived at the scene. Officer Zanetti said that due to the lack of proper permitting the mural had to be removed immediately or the building owner would be issued a City citation and fined as being a Graffiti Nuisance Property. In Portland, both private and business property owners can be fined (up to $250 per incident of graffiti) and even jailed if there’s graffiti on their property for more than 10 days after they are issued a citation. This can be quite a burden on small businesses and residents.


Portland Police at the ‘Crime’ Scene

Zanetti continued to explain to the owner, that his permission did not matter; they still needed a $250 permit from the Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC).

While it’s true that the property owner’s permission does not matter in the eyes of the City of Portland when it comes to painting art on the outside of buildings, other things officer Zanetti is reported to have said are not accurate.

Going through RACC is not the only way to paint a mural in Portland. The City has an Original Art Mural Permitting Program, which in most cases, costs only $50. RACC does provide mural artists exceptions to the city sign codes (providing an easement and adding the mural to the city’s public art collection), but that process is free, and if approved, RACC will actually match an artist’s mural funding up to $10,000.

Why did officer Zanetti give the owner inaccurate information? At minimum, we should hold those accountable whose job it is to abate graffiti and and enforce mural regulations to know and provide the public factual information about these rules and processes.  For the rest of the story:

Littman & White Galleries
Portland State University 
1825 SW Broadway St. #250   

                   An Evening of Art for Housing Advocates

Butters Gallery, Ltd.
520 NW Davis, Second floor, Portland, Oregon 97209
Peoples art
Peoples Art of Portland consists of 20 plus working Portland artists, helping to show over 1000 artists annually. This show is a selection of work by these 20 + artists, including Brin Levinson, Kendra Binney, Chris Haberman, Jason Brown, Ali Schlicting, Emily Bates, EMEK, GUYBURWELL, Gary Houston and many more.

SPECIAL FEATURE – Front Gallery: Patrice Demmon- in retrospect

As one of our staff artists, Patrice’s selected works since 1965 will be featured in the entrance of the gallery. Demmon is a core member and senior artist in the community, working as a volunteer and as a mentor to many younger artists at Peoples. (Patrice Demmon, Bio below)

Artist Bio: Patrice Demmon-Patrice started painting seriously in high school, which she attended in Tokyo, Japan in the late 1950s. She has shown her work in Oregon, New Mexico and California for 30+ years. Her entrepreneurial activities included managing art galleries in Portland, Oregon and San Francisco, California. She has been a professional model, a graphic designer, a large event manager and fundraiser, an interior designer and renovator and has managed several restaurants in her varied professional career. Patrice was campaign coordinator for a Portland City Council person, managing a 500 person volunteer organization. Currently, Patrice is affiliated with Peoples Art of Portland, teaches art to elders on a regular basis and has recently folded her 13,000th origami crane. This retrospective show of 40 plus works stems from 1965 to the present, showing a glimpse of Patrice’s artistic endeavors.

Peoples Art of Portland Gallery
700 SW Fifth (3rd floor) People's is Suite 4005
Settlement Galleries
Pioneer Square Mall, downtown Portland
open Thurs-Sun 12-6pm

Curated/Owned by:
Chris Haberman:
Jason Brown:
Managed by:
Ali Schlicting:

Always All Ages. In league with Settlement Galleries – Pioneer Place Mall. (Peoples Art of Portland, Place, and Mark Woolley). Refreshments provided by Burnside Brewing.
Show Info: www.peoplesartofportland.c om

Peoples Art of Portland Gallery Gallery has been active since November 2010, a partnership between freelance curator Chris Haberman (formerly Milepost 5, Olympic Mills Commerce Center) and Jason Brown (PoBoy, Goodfoot Gallery). It is a project of gallery spaces (named The Settlement) gifted to the selected curators from GGP, the management company for Pioneer Place Mall. Since its inception, the galleries have been well traveled; showing 1000’s of Portland artists in a very unique and professional setting, hosting events from local organizations and institutions such as PNCA to the Oregon Art Education Association, to recently a permanent gallery space with long time Portland icon, Mark Woolley.
Annual shows at Peoples’ Gallery include “The Love of Portland”, the celebrated “Big 300” and resident international poster artist, EMEK. Future 2013 shows include a feature show by international artist Chuck Sperry (August), and an all inclusive look at all artists shown on TV show Portlandia (May), as well as many returning annual shows.

We love the mall and its accessibility to anyone the open market place allows. Art doesn’t have to be hard to see, or backed by white walls, it can be simple in its beauty and cultural appeal – its as easy as walking into a mall.

Community Calendar
 Local actions, events, rallies, etc.

Eyes Wide Shut!                

by Yugen Fardan Rashad

By Norman Solomon
Munk's Musings
  Picture of Michael Munk Tribune Photo 
L. E. Baskow

April Coppini's rooster

April Coppini's charcoal drawings at Luke's Frame Shop


  • here
    Peoples Art Of Portland
  • Description
    Since opening in November 2010, Peoples Art of Portland Gallery has shown over 1000 local and national artists. The Gallery itself was a vacant toy store when the Peoples crew took over, using the remaining architectural structure as a backdrop for art instead of toys. B...eing inside of an actual mall, this gallery is a welcome place amongst high-end retailers and consistent retail fare. The gallery has always operated as a place for artists, run by artists, volunteers and a duo-curatorial team of artists Chris Haberman and Jason Brown, with manager (and artist) Heidi Elise-Wirz.

    For our 15th consecutive exhibition, we wanted to celebrate this notion, in essence to celebrate the volunteer artists and staff that make this gallery what it is. This show exemplifies our connection to the community and how the gallery works: artists showing artists, working together.

    The People of Peoples Gallery show consists of art work from the following

    Artists: : Ali Schlicting, Anna Magruder, Brin Levinson, Chris Haberman, Chuck Blooom, Dan Pillers, Heidi Elise Wirz, Jen Berry, Jesse Reno, Joel Barber, Kendra Binney, Kyle Gossman, Larry Christensen, Matt Schlosky, Melissa Dow, Sam Arneson, Roger, Wellie Glenn

    Poster Artist: EMEK, GUYBURWELL, Gary Houston

    Always All Ages. In league with Settlement Galleries – Pioneer Place Mall. (Peoples Art of Portland, Place, and Store). Refreshments provided by Ninkasi Brewing.
    Show Info: www.peoplesartofportland.c om

    Curated/ Owned by:Chris Haberman – email: chrishabermanart@gmail.comJason Brown– email: jbrown@poboyart.comManaged by: Heidi Elise Wirz email: ovenfirestudio@gmail.comFo r Artists. Run by artists.Peoples Art of Portland Gallery700 SW Fifth (3rd floor) People's is Suite 4005Settlement GalleriesPioneer Square Mall, downtown Portlandopen Thurs-Sun 12-6pmhttp:// m/Peoples on Facebook:


Jeff and Sabrina Williams: American Dream

"For the past three years, we have been working on a series of photographs titled, "American Dream."  In this ongoing body of work, we create highly detailed sculptures made from mostly recycled and found materials.  We light these miniature scenes with a variety of continuous light sources and photograph with a high-resolution large format scanning back camera, producing highly detailed large photographs.  The final prints are true to the scenes we create; we do not digitally alter anything other than color balance and exposure.  In this aspect, we are deeply influenced by modernist and documentary photographers of the 20th century.  A merging of personal experience, dreams and an "on the road" documentation of American culture inspire these miniaturized illustrations."


Check out their website for images of their artwork:

Eunice Parsons  take a peek! 

Luke's Frame Shop  2707 SE Belmont St.  Portland, OR 97214  Mon-Fri 10-6, Sat 11-5
(503) 841-6090

Peoples Art of Portland
Marq Spusta was born in 1977 in Madison, Wisconsin. He was drawing prolifically within moments of leaving the womb. Marq continued developing his art along side graphic design while attending the UW-Stout. Marq has been living and working on the West Coast for about five years creating concert posters, album covers and all kinds of prints.

Chris Truax, is a NW sculptural artist using recycled vintage car parts and scrap metals to create striking creatures that look as though they might just come to life and fly away.
His characters are the kind one might see in big budget science fiction movies: Robotic, dangerous and beautiful, with a human, emotional quality that makes them warm, organic and so life like. 
With the recent addition of LCD lights powered by solar cells, his work is taking on a new look and prying open new dimensions of sculptural wall art. 
A member of ‘Pacific Northwest Sculptor’, Christopher’s art has been shown locally in over 10 galleries since 2009, including posing alongside "The Spruce Goose" and NASA equipment at The Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum, in 2010. 

Curated/Owned by:
Chris Haberman – email:
Jason Brown– email:

Managed by:
Heidi Elise Wirz email:

For Artists. Run by artists.

Peoples Art of Portland Gallery
700 SW Fifth (3rd floor) People's is Suite 4005
Settlement Galleries
Pioneer Square Mall, downtown Portland
open Thurs-Sun 12-6pm
Peoples Art of Portland Gallery
Peoples Art of Portland Gallery
700 SW Fifth (3rd floor) People's is Suite 4005
Settlement Galleries
Pioneer Square Mall, downtown Portland
open Thurs-Sun 12-6pm

Curated/Owned by:
Chris Haberman and Jason Brown
Managed by:
Heidi Elise Wirz
For Artists. By Artists.

Uncle Charlie
Uncle Charlie was born 1969 in Houston Texas. He produces bright and bold graphic design posters for the music industry. He first applied his love of design during early high school years designing flyers for Dresden 45, a punk band he had with his chums. He has been creating art for music since the mid 80's and he currently designs posters for all kinds of events focusing mostly on music. He also continues to work now as a full time package designer designing packages for the food industry at a small design firm in Houston, Texas.
Travis Bone of Furturtle Show Prints has been drawing things since he was a tiny little boy. This led to drawing things for people as a much larger boy. Today, Travis screen prints drawings for concerts and all kinds of other events. He is also quite possibly the largest boy in the world.
Chris Haberman
Chris Haberman is a working artist and curator native to Portland, Oregon. All of his artwork is created from recycled objects, found material from the streets and alleyways of his hometown. A discarded cabinet door or table top quickly becomes the backdrop for an integrated puzzle-poem of figures and text, focusing on subjects like people, politics, the region, pop-culture, media, music, film and literature. Mayor Sam Adams has said that “Chris is the hardest working artist in Portland.” Chris’ first curatorship was a show for Adams in City Hall of Portland, Oregon, (Portland Pride, 2007). 
In July 2009, Chris recorded selling over 6500 original works since 2001. In Jan, 2010, Chris was a feature artist for Oregon Art Beat on Oregon Public Broadcasting and was awarded “Portland Artist of the Year” for Barfly Magazine and he won a national artist contest in Las Vegas, competing with artists’ from10 other cities. Besides making art, Chris is also a fervent freelance curator and arts advocate, coordinating hundreds of Portland art exhibits with regional artists since 2001, founding first a non-profit (Portland City Art, 2009) and then Chris Haberman Presents and The People’s Art of Portland (with fellow artist/curator Jason Brown) both in 2010, to help local artists show their works.
Jason Brown
Painting is my vessel of communication. Art becomes a social and personal dialectic for me aimed at resolving inner and public conflict while simultaneously celebrating humanity. Through irony, humor, bold and subtle imagery I convey my vision on to others. I place my characters in settings where the rooftops of society have been cut off, and their idiosyncrasies become their vulnerabilities. By utilizing perspective I place my characters into a realm that seems comfortable and inviting, but contains certain disjointed qualities. My characters explode out of their setting while remaining stoic, as though they are unaffected by their environment. (A petty thief that steals the tip of a waitress left on the bar by a previous patron - the meat market patrons with their robust, sex crazed egos manipulating the masses with their decedent carnage). Some have suggested that my work has a masculine perspective, but I certainly do not represent or embody the masculine viewpoint. Ultimately, I paint individuals transfixed by their struggle, at times framing the daily lives of "Martyred Saints", "Super humans" that have routines and transgressions just as anyone else. (The musician who forgets he is mortal for a brief second and the lightning bolt of god touches his forehead, knighting this saint a forbearer of humanity - the husband who goes into a strip bar for directions, and is coincidentally spotted by his wife.) I am intrigued by the situational moments that could be explained, but the individual finds himself trapped by the circumstances. Through observation and perspective I make an earnest attempt at painting the honesty of humanity.

Chris Haberman
Artist/Freelance Curator/Advocate
Chris Haberman Presents....
Co-owner/curator, The Peoples Art of Portland Gallery – 3rd floor Pioneer Mall
Portland, Oregon
mobile: (text is best) 503.317.8368
Haberman Art Images: ​erman (best)

VIDEO: Oregon Public Broadcasting - Feature Artist. ​s/artbeat/segments/view/83 ​0
Video/documentary: ​ch?v=NOtBxtiKalc
Video/Mural: ​ch?v=QxXVWMIeKzA
Video/LIVE mural: ​ch?v=8pVYWhph7gM&feature=r ​elated

VISUAL ARTS – Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                            
CONTACT:  Celeste Bergin
Ph: 503-774-3787

Mercato Fine Art Gallery Opens in Hawthorne

  Dan Stiles
What Dan is trying to do with his design is to say as much as he can by using as little as he can. He try's to pare down the idea and the form to its essence. Dan feels like visually the work is bolder that way. Posters should be bold; you're supposed to be able to see them from across the street. He also finds that once you strip off all the fluff you find out if your idea is any good or not.

David D' Andrea
David D’Andrea melds the draftsmanship of turn of the century illustrators, the hallucinatory vibe of the 60’s masters, and an organic pen and ink style that is unmistakably his own. His illustrations seethe with sinuous, accomplished line work and intentional rough edges. He draws from a variety of eclectic influences which show in the work: archaic lettering, obsessively detailed renderings of animals, and elements from numerous religions and cultures. His passion for the music/artist collaboration runs deep. It may be personified best by his ongoing series with the band OM, which shows the spiritual connection between an illustrator and the music as a circle of inspiration that spins infinitely, the Ouroboros.

Emek has been referred to as "The Thinking Man's Poster Artist". Coming from a unique family of 5 artists, Emek has made his mark creating special limited edition silkscreen posters for live concerts around the world. Emek’ style thrives on attention to detail, coupled with layers of meaning in the artwork. His infusion of socio-political commentary into pop culture imagery has made his work instantly recognizable in the field. Emphasizing craftsmanship, his work is mostly hand-drawn in the tradition of the classic psychedelic posters from the 1960's. Born in the 70's Emek was also strongly influenced by the DIY punk flyers of the 80’s. "I appreciate the creative freedom this medium allows me because the bands generally give me total freedom as long as I advertise the show info. I am allowed to dip into the recesses of my imagination and see what spills out onto the page. This allows me to be my own art director and I am able to experiment with different concepts and styles to keep things fresh. Today's disposable culture paves the way for tomorrows collectable nostalgia...I'm just trying to make it interesting" Over the last 2 decades, Emek has created hundreds of posters for some of the top alternative bands and events, like Radiohead, Coachella, Queens of the Stone Age, Tool, System of a Down, Jane's Addiction, The Flaming Lips, to name a few, as well as album covers from Neil Young and Pearl Jam to Henry Rollins and Erykah Badu. Emek's work has been shown in galleries across the United States, Berlin, London, Tokyo, Belgium and Canada. He has been interviewed on CNN, featured in dozens of magazines and books, including covers of Juxtapoz magazine.

Gary Houston
Posters at Voodoo Catbox are pretty much hand made using traditional methods i.e. scratch board illustration or hand cut rubylith, and then hand pulled. Houston is a giant in the field, well known for his connection with the Portland Blues Festival, Willie Nelson, BB King, and a host of others.

 GUYBURWELL (King of the Wild Frontier) is an illustrator and painter and, more recently, a print maker currently living in Portland, Oregon. Known (yeah, right) for the flair of his line work, the odd and random scrapes, blunt ends and positive chaos with negative space, his work is organic at its root and full of pasty skinned naked red haired men on the surface.

Joanna Wecht
Joanna's design is hand grown and hand sown utilizing a tactile approach that belies current technologies, resulting in an organic and free form feel that hearkens to the earlier days of graphic design when practical application of materials and mechanical, rather than digital, was the state of the art. For Joannna Wecht, the state of her art is her statement about art.

Justin Hampton
Justin Hampton creates high impact imagery and is renowned as one of the leaders in the modern rock poster scene earning him international attention. His bold line work and sublime color palette mixed with a vivid imagination are unmistakable. His work can be seen in various galleries in Europe, Asia and Australia as well as in the U.S.

Mike King
Mike King is a graphic designer from Portland Oregon, not known so much the quality of his work, but for the quantity. If over the last few decades you have noticed the flyers that cover the phone poles of the cities of the Pacific Northwest, then the chances are good, you have seen some of Mike's work. When not making flyers, Mike has also designed CD and record covers for wide variety of artists, from Ben Harper to The Decemberists, from Pink Martini to Poison Idea, Mikes work cuts a wide swath through the landscape of popular culture. And if that last bit sounds like the typical bluster of a marginal artist trying to make his work appear more important than it really is, then you have hit the nail squarely on the head.

Tyler Stout
Tyler was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. He’s done work for Burton Snowboards, Forum Snowboards, Libtech Snowboards, Nike, Adidas, Xbox, MTV, Grenade Gloves, Etnies, Sobe, The New Yorker, as well as bands like Flight of the Conchords, Phish and Tenacious D.
He also does screen printed posters for movies, mostly for the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin Texas. After living in Bellingham WA, Charlotte, VT and Portland, OR, he currently resides in Brush Prairie, WA, next to the house he grew up in.

Portland Center for the Performing Arts Gallery – Main Floor
1111 SW Broadway, Portland, OR
Presented by guest curators:
Jason Brown (Peoples Gallery, PoBoy Art, The Goodfoot)
Chris Haberman (Peoples Gallery, Chris Haberman Presents)

This illustration is by Shannon Wheeler...

The Goodfoot

2845 SE Stark  503-239-9292

Portland, OR 97214

open daily 5-2:30

Thursday, December 1, 2011 at 5:00pm until Tuesday, January 24, 2012 at 2:00am

  • Where
  • The Goodfoot is proud to announce that "The Art of Musical Maintenance, in it's 8th year, will open Thurs, Dec 1st, from 5pm-2:30 am and be up until Jan 21st. We will be displaying the newest installment of music posters from artists throughout the country. The artists this show are as diverse as the music. Likewise, the artist's techniques vary as well (from hand drawn to computer generated design). There are over 50 artists, and around 300 posters.

    We are honored to have Tyler Stout do the poster for this years show.

    Check Sun Dec 4th for a full catalog of posters! gallery/
    current show is there now.

    Artists in the show

    Alan Hynes
    Ben Wilson
    Brad Klausen
    Brian Ewing
    Brian Methe
    Carisa Lu Von Gasser
    Casey Burns
    Chris Haberman
    Chris Shaw
    Craig Horky
    Dan Stiles
    David Dandrea
    David Welker
    Diana Sudyka
    DKNG studio
    Fiona Bruce Idiot or Genius?
    Gary Houston
    Jay Ryan
    Joanna Wecht
    John Howard
    John Vogl
    Justin Hampton
    Justin Helton
    Justin Santora
    Kunny van der Ploeg
    Lee Zeman
    Lil Tuffy
    Lindsey Kuhn
    Marq Spusta
    Mig Kokinda
    Miles Stegall Idiot or Genius?
    Mirjam Dijkema
    Nate Duval
    Patent Pending
    Powerslide Design
    Rob Jones
    Todd Slater
    Tyler Stout
    Uncle Charlie

    The Goodfoot
    2845 SE Stark
    Portland, OR 97214 gallery/ people/Goodfoot-Art/ 1472058101?ref=search
    open daily 5-2:30


Loosing Themselves in a Distance to Far Away Heights
   Gallery Hours: Fri – Sun 12pm – 5pm

8371 N Interstate Avenue, Portland, OR 97217 / Media Contact: Julie Anne Herrin - – (949) 294.9235

  In gathering information, Farsi – herself an Iranian-American – sought answers from Iranians from all walks of life: immigrants, those living in exile, refugees and those still living in Iran. Her conversations, conducted via email, focused on breaking through the American cliché of “living the dream” and engaging her participants in a more complex and meaningful discussion surrounding issues of nationalism and cultural identity as it relates to the individual.  Farsi attempts to conflate civic and devotional space in an effort to better understand the systems that both bind and loosen us from our geographic locations and cultural identities. The objects in the exhibition – simple, pared down forms acting as icons – together with the use of documents and drastic shifts of scale

are reflective of Farsi’s larger body of work and make room for the personal to become political. The installation examines areas of public congregation and seeks to inspire conversation around the tension created between the actual space of the gallery and the psychological space the work occupies.

Tannaz Farsi is the Assistant Professor in Sculpture at the University of Oregon in Eugene. Her work has been exhibited nationally at venues including the Tacoma Art Museum, the Urban Institute of Contemporary Art Grand Rapids, Michigan, Ohge Ltd., Seattle, Washington, and Sculpture Center, Cleveland, Ohio.  She has participated at residencies at Bemis Center for Contemporary Art in Nebraska and the MacDowell Colony in

New Hampshire.  Her work has been acknowledged with an Individual Artist Fellowship from the Oregon Arts Commission, and this past year, Farsi was a finalist for both the Brink Award offered through the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle, Washington and the Portland Art Museum's Contemporary Northwest Art Award.  She received her BFA summa cum laude from West Virginia University (2004) and her MFA at Ohio
University in Ceramics (2007). Farsi’s show at Disjecta is made possible through the University of Oregon Faculty Research and Creative Work Grant and the MacDowell Colony Fellowship.
Jenene Nagy, Portland-based curator, has been appointed Disjecta’s first Curator-in-Residence. Throughout the 2011-2012 exhibition season, Nagy will present a series of solo shows featuring installation, site-specific and project-based works including many artists who have not previously had major exhibitions n Portland.
Nagy is currently co-curator, with Josh Smith, of TILT Export:, an independent arts initiative that works in partnership with a variety of venues to produce exhibitions.
The Curator-in-Residence program is the first of its kind in the region and allows for significant engagement with a broad range of artists. Rotated on an annual cycle, the program provides an opportunity for emerging local and national curatorial talent to develop and expand the scope of their practice through a series of exhibitions in Disjecta’s dynamic 3,500 square foot space.


Disjecta Interdisciplinary Art Center is a nonprofit organization in Portland, Ore. that provides essential resources for artists to create and exhibit new work. Disjecta houses an expansive exhibition space for the presentation of vital visual and performing arts at the local, regional, national and international level that speaks to the region's diverse interests, talents and identities. Disjecta forms a bridge between Portland's larger arts institutions and smaller, grassroots organizations and galleries. Our reach extends far beyond the arts and encompasses the true essence of a cultural facility: a place where ideas, dialogue, creativity and diversity flourish. For more information, visit

 Education through Art

By Jayhon Ghassem-Zadeh - News

For centuries, Iran has been the home to some of the most beloved artists and ingenious works known to man.  Using art as a vehicle to promote positive change and social awareness is a concept that has disseminated throughout the world since the early days of the Persian Empire.

It’s only fitting, therefore, that Iranian-Americans are turning to the pen, brush and camera to express their ideologies and promote awareness of our rich culture, history, geography and the political/social inequities that exist in Iran.


Sky of Red Poppies

Cara Tomlinson’s painting  


“These recent paintings and works on paper are concerned with the process of construction: how houses, paintings and bodies are made,” Tomlinson said. “They refer to the protection a dwelling, like a fortress, provides us; but also to the permeability of the house or body; the windows, doors, openings, through which life comes and goes, the shaky, fragile and temporary construction of shelter.”

Tomlinson has been shown nationally in solo and group shows, including: the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, the Everson Museum in Syracuse, NY; Davenport Museum of Art and Des Moines Art Center, in Iowa; and the Charles Allis Art Museum in Milwaukee, WI.  She has been awarded several residencies, most recently: Anderson Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, Virginia Center for Creative Arts and Constance Saltonstall Residency in Ithaca, NY. Tomlinson graduated with a master’s degree in Painting from the University of Oregon and received her undergraduate degree from Bennington College in Vermont. She currently is an Assistant Professor of Painting at Lewis and Clark College.

Studio 315 at Milepost 5 Studios (3rd floor)
850 NE 81st Avenue
Portland, OR

Living Stages

Join Living Stages (TeatroCambio) and the artists who created our new studio mural 'Breaking Through'. Enjoy the artwork of Milepost 5, learn more about our path ahead, and find out about how you can get involved and support Living Stages in our mission to use theatre to empower and activate, and transform our communities!


Images of A22  Photographs by Bette Lee

Red & Black Café at 2138 SE Division St.


The Portland Alliance Box 14162  Portland,OR 97293-0162

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