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           Volunteers still Needed!

The Portland Alliance is looking for volunteers interested in working in the following areas:
*Volunteer editors get masthead credit.   

General Editors... to edit specific pages of your choice.... 

*Community Calendar Editor

Compile and edit the community calendar.
Estimated volunteers hours per month: 8-12

Write short articles for Active Community and other sections. 
Estimated volunteer hours per month: 10-14

Administrative Assistants (In Missoula, Montana) 
Perform various office tasks (data entry, filing, mailings).
Estimated volunteer hours per month: 4-8

Edit/proof copy and laid out pages.
Estimated volunteer hours per month: 4-8

Outreach Coordinator
Develop new venues for online distribution of the Alliance.
Estimated volunteer hours per month: 6-8

Events Coordinator
Develop benefits and other fundraising events.


We work with intern and work study programs from local schools.

No experience necessary. Will train. Meet interesting people and help promote local media. For more information, call  503-3697-1670 or email

 Will need Layout Assistants when back in print

Help editor layout pages of the paper.
Estimated volunteer hours per month: 8-12

The Portland Alliance:  
Phone Number:   Cell (for emergencies) 503-697-1670
Production office at 2228 West Kent Avenue, Missoula, MT
For questions, comments, or suggestions for this site,
please contact or

Last Updated: February, 2019