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The Justice Party Portal: Rocky Anderson
Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson says:

"As President, I would pardon Bradley Manning and guarantee legal protections for whistleblowers who play a vital role in keeping government accountable to the people."



I ran the race to heighten awareness and to inspire people toward effective action.  As demonstrated by third-party candidates in the past (e.g. Teddy Roosevelt and Ross Perot), a third-party effort can win far more than an election if it helps to catalyze a persistent, broad-based democratic movement for real change. 

Our campaign was immensely successful in getting out the word and inspiring action.  (For videos of interviews and debates on television, click here, and to listen to radio interviews, click here.) For those who helped us communicate our message, I am grateful.

Our campaign was a call for the people of the United States to take charge – because they must be the leaders, and wemust build a broad-based powerful movement, if we are to

  • overthrow the plutocracy – government that is up for sale to the highest bidder,
  • end the imperial presidency,
  • restore the rule of law and the most fundamental freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution,
  • end the two-tiered economic and justice systems and achieve a republic where no one is above the law,
  • respect civil and human rights, here and abroad,
  • end the empire-building that serves only the interests of multi-national corporations and plutocrats,
  • end poverty in a nation where our presidential candidates won’t even discuss it,
  • end the corporate cronyism that has caused economic devastation for the vast majority of American people,
  • end the deprivation of basic health care for tens of millions of people, and
  • finally bring to an end the strangle-hold the two corporatist and militarist parties have on our electoral system and our government.

Please join other engaged citizens in this continuing movement for economic, social, and environmental justice.  If you are interested in working with me and others in carrying this movement forward, please send me a note, including your contact information,

For now, I’ll stop writing to you and wait for you to write to me.



Rocky Anderson

Justice Party


Wikileaks’ Julian Assange was recently granted asylum by Ecuador, after being holed up in their London embassy for nearly three months. Sweden wants Assange extradited from the UK to face questioning on rape charges. Assange is willing to be questioned, but he wants a guarantee that once in Sweden’s custody he will not be extradited to the US, where he could be charged with espionage and jailed for years.

Assange has reason to be alarmedSweden does not prosecute alleged rapists with nearly the same vigor as they have with Assange, so why the hyper-inflated interest in him?

JPUSA-quiet-whistleblower-125x137.jpgThe bigger, ongoing story is the many whistleblowers being prosecuted—or persecuted—by the Obama administration already. (Assange’s concerns are real considering the treatment of Bradley Manning.)

Despite Obama’s promise of transparency, he has embraced government secrecy. Obama has done more to prosecute whistleblowers than all past presidents combined, while overseeing a massive increase in classified documents and the growing surveillance state. It doesn’t come cheap, either.

Considering Romney’s worldview and his refusal to release substantive tax returns, it’s not a stretch to assume Romney will be even more secretive than Obama is.

Obama has rightly been attacking Romney over his tax return-secrecy issue, but neither the mainstream media nor Romney has attacked Obama over his secrecy issues. In this YouTube video, Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson says:

"As President, I would pardon Bradley Manning and guarantee legal protections for whistleblowers who play a vital role in keeping government accountable to the people."

JPUSA-ladyliberty-contribute-135x114.jpgAs many Americans move closer to deciding between the lesser of two evils—Obama or Romney—on Election Day, we ask, “How can you tell which is worse?” Why bother trying to decide between them at all? A vote for Anderson is a vote for the rule of law.—pass it on!

In support of whistleblowers everywhere,

Lenny Brody, Michael McGee, Cynthia Papermaster, Laura Bonham, Dave Jette, Kristine Kubat, Keomailani Von Gogh, Linda Boyd

P.S. We’re fast approaching our ballot-access deadline and need your financial support! Click here to contribute.

Justice Party · United States
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Because our government is controlled by and run for the benefit of the wealthy – while the public interest is repeatedly betrayed.


Because innocent people in at least four nations are being killed by U.S. drones, and our president is bragging about it.


Because the U.S. poverty rate has now exceeded the poverty rate in 1965, wiping out the progress of the “War on Poverty”.


Because neither of the major party candidates – lapdogs to Wall Street and the insurance and pharmaceutical industries – even mention “poverty”, let alone discuss how to eliminate it.


Because those responsible for torture have been given a free pass from legal accountability by President Obama.


Because not one of those who committed hundreds of federal felonies by illegally spying on American citizens have been held accountable.


Because the Bush/Obama administrations have made a mockery of the rule of law, due process, and the War Power Clause of the Constitution, as they have ramped up the imperial presidency.


Because Wall Street crooks have not been held accountable for their massive fraud – and they’re still benefiting while most Americans are reeling from the economic melt-down.


Because Democrats and Republicans in Congress and the White House created the conditions for the 2008 economic disaster by deregulating the financial industry at the behest of the predatory banks.


Because between 2005-09, Latino households, on average, lost 66% of their household wealth, African-American households lost 53%, and White households lost 16%.


Because child poverty in the U.S. is worse than in every other industrialized nation other than Romania.


Because U.S. maternal mortality – women dying in connection with pregnancy or childbirth – is worse than in 49 other nations, even though we spend the most on health care.  And in the U.S., maternal mortality among African-American women is four times as great as among White women.


Because infant mortality in the U.S. is next to the worst in the developed world.  Only in Latvia do more children die during their first year.


Because when what is often called “Obamacare” (which should be called “InsuranceCompanyProfitPlan”) is fully implemented, 30 million people in the U.S. will still be without essential health care.


Because millions of U.S. working people are unemployed after the Democrats and Republicans sent jobs overseas to please multinational corporations who pay far less in wages and benefits to foreign workers.


Because President Obama promised leadership on climate change and hasn’t done anything to protect the future, while he has approved more offshore drilling and pushed non-existent “clean coal”.


Because 2.3 million people are languishing behind the bars of our prisons and jails – by far the highest incarceration rate in the world – with astoundingly racist implications.


Because we’re spending less on education and more on prisons – all while the U.S. is losing its global competitive edge.





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