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March with us in the Pride Parade
Let's celebrate our victories this weekend at Pride Northwest in Portland.
Our marriage plaintiff couples, Ben & Paul and Chris & Lisa, will lead the ACLU contingent.

Sunday, June 15
North Park blocks, downtown Portland
Participants meet at 10 a.m., parade rolls at 11 a.m.
Sign up to reserve your spot

Join us this month for other upcoming events:

Delve deeper into a current issue
At our next Civil Conversation, we will examine the recurring conflict between religious belief and civil rights.
Our discussion series is an open dialogue of current civil liberties issues affecting our community.

ACLU Civil Conversation: When Religious Belief and Civil Rights Clash
Tuesday, June 17
Multnomah County Central Library, U.S. Bank Room
801 SW 10th, Portland
5:30 – 7 p.m.

Meet up with fellow civil libertarians
Join us for Pints & Rights, a monthly meet up for people who love civil liberties and civil rights. Pints & Rights is held on the third Wednesday of each month at rotating locations. Stop by and learn about ACLU work, meet like-minded people, and sign up to get involved.

Wednesday, June 18
Vendetta, 4306 N. Williams
5:30 – 7 p.m.

Join us!

Sarah Armstrong
Outreach Coordinator
ACLU of Oregon


LGBT Organizations in Portland

Organization Name: Basic Rights Oregon
Founded in 1996, Basic Rights Oregon (BRO) is the state’s chief advocacy, education and political organization dedicated to ending discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. With twelve full time staff plus a contract lobbyist, three offices around the state, more than 10,000 active contributors and 5,000 active volunteers, Basic Rights Oregon is a formidable force in Oregon. BRO is a 501(c)4 organization that maintains a 501(c)3 (Basic Rights Education Fund), a state candidate PAC and a ballot measure PAC. Combined, these organizations have an annual budget of close to $1 million.
Website Address: Contact Number: 503-222-6151

Organization Name: Empowering Spirits Foundation, Inc.
The Empowering Spirits Foundation, Inc. (ESF) is a non-profit, non-partisan grass-root based civil rights organization working to achieve lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality. ESF members engage in service-oriented activities in communities typically opposed to equal rights. In working side-by-side with our non-LGBT neighbors they may come to see similarities rather than differences in each of us, and we can engage in dialogue through non-confrontational means to promote equality. Additionally, the ESF develops community awareness, collaborates with other coalitions, and empowers individuals and organizations to engage in the political process for equality through educational endeavors.
Website Address: Contact Number: 858-523-8201

Organization Name: Equity Foundation
In 1989, a group of gay and lesbian Oregonians, deeply concerned about the hatred, violence, and divisiveness present in the world, created Equity Foundation. The Foundation began by providing funding to organizations that addressed issues of importance to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered community; to make visible their contributions to society at large. Equity Foundation is a grant-making, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is committed to funding programs dealing with community education, youth and family, health and social services, and arts and culture. The foundation works to promote social justice, education, and welfare of sexual and gender minority communities and of the people of Oregon in general by providing support to non-profit organizations throughout the state.
Website Address: Contact Number: 503-231-5759

Human Rights Campaign: Portland
The Human Rights Campaign envisions an America where lesbian and gay people are ensured their basic rights -- and can be open, honest, and safe at home at work, and in the community. Fund Raising Gala
4545 SW Northwood
Portland, Oregon 97201


(503) 244-6951  Office

Imperial Sovereign Rose Court
Imperial Sovereign Rose Court is a non-profit 501(c)4 social organization dedicated to raising money for charities within the gay, lesbian, bisexual & transgender community. Over the past 3 decades, the Imperial Sovereign Rose Court has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities such as Esther's Pantry, Our House, The HIV Day Center, The Pride of the Rose Scholarship Fund, The Audria M. Edwards Youth Scholarship Fund, The Shepperd Legal Scholarship Fund, numerous Breast Cancer Research Funds, the Amazon Dragonboat Team, Greenhouse and Outside In. The Imperial Sovereign Rose Court is structured as a Monarchy (although we operate our business via "Board of Directors"). Each October the city elects the Emperor and Empress to reign over the Kingdom. The Monarchs select a Prince and Princess to reign at their sides each December. Additional titleholders are elected through various pageants throughout the year as follows.... Mr., Miss and Ms. Gay Oregon are judged and crowned at the Gay Oregon pageant in June. Mr., Miss and Ms. Gay Portland are voted on by the public at the Portland Pageant in August. The White Knight and Debutante are judged and crowned at the White Knight & Debutante Ball in February. The Monarchs may also bestow "Invested Titles" to any member they see fit. All persons over the age of 21 who live within the tri-county area are considered members. There is no fee, registration or initiation to join. All are welcome. The Imperial Sovereign Rose Court does not discriminate based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or any other description used to categorize the human race. If you would like to learn more about the Imperial Sovereign Rose Court. Stop by our regular Court Meetings the first Monday of every month. The Board of Directors Meetings are held the second Monday of each month and all are welcome. Unless otherwise specified, all meetings are held at 7:00pm at the Embers Avenue Backroom. 110 NW Broadway, Portland, Oregon 97209 (503) 222-3082. Come and join the FUN with the Imperial Sovereign Rose Court!!

PO Box 4864
Portland, Oregon 97208-4864

(503) 408-7247  Office

Lesbian and Gay Immigration Rights
LGIRTF, Inc. addresses the widespread discriminatory impact of immigration laws on the lives of lesbians, gay men and people with HIV through education, outreach, advocacy and the maintenance of a nationwide resource and support network.

Portland, Oregon 97212
(503) 471-1568  Office

Love Makes a Family, Inc.
Provides worldwide advocacy and support group for lesbian mothers, gay fathers and their children. Monthly meetings for parents and kids; Parent-Teacher Project. Advocacy for Safe Schools. Gay and Lesbian Parents Coalition International.

PO Box 5163
Portland, Oregon 97208
(503) 228-3892  Phone 1
(503) 228-4306  Phone 2

Oregon State University LGBT
Oregon State University's Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans group

142 MU East (Snell Hall)
(541) 737-6360  Office

Partners Club
The partners club is a social/political group that works in conjuction with the Human Rights Campaign's Federal Club. Partners is for the young men and women (approx: 18-35) who want to make a difference politically and have fun.

5031111111  Office

Pride Northwest
Organizes and produces the Portland Gay Pride festival. Today, Pride Northwest is made up of a dynamic group of individuals from many different backgrounds who are dedicated to providing a venue for the queer community to gather and celebrate. The mission of Pride Northwest, Inc. is to encourage and celebrate the positive diversity of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans communities, and to assist in the education of all people through the development of activities that showcase the history, accomplishments, and talents of these communities.

PO Box 6611
Portland, Oregon 97228
(503) 296-5595  Fax
(503) 295-9788  Office

Queer Youth Network
The under 21 crowd that wants to make a difference in Oregon through political action.

3430 SE Belmont
Portland, Oregon 97214
(503) 222-5161  Office
Organization Name: Latinos and admirers
A place for all latinoamericans and Admirers interaccions.Blogs,Forums News etc...
Website Address: Contact Number:

Organization Name: Lesbian Community Project
The Lesbian Community Project is committed to the individual and collective well-being of Lesbians. We are working to build a supportive Lesbian Community that: *Is inclusive and rich in diversity; *Will move forward in areas of agreement, while *Acknowledging differences; *Will develop beneficial relationships with the larger community. Our broad range of educational, social, political, spiritual, financial and fundraising activities are designed to assist the Lesbian Community as it organizes to meet today's challenges and as it plans for tomorrow's possibilities. We recognize that Lesbian well-being, like the well-being of all people, can only flourish in a society based on justice, peace, and good will towards all.
Website Address: Contact Number: 503-227-0605

Organization Name: Love Makes A Family, Inc.
The mission of Love Makes A Family is to work for social change: to create a supportive environment within our communities and to provide a public voice for all families, especially those subjected to social, economic and legal discrimination due to sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.
Website Address: Contact Number: 503-228-3892

Organization Name: Pride Foundation
Pride Foundation is the Northwest leader in bringing people, ideas, and resources together to strengthen community and ignite change that advances LGBTQ equality. We connect donors with visionary nonprofits, students and leaders, and have put over $37 million to work in five states through grants, scholarships and leadership development.
Website Address: Contact Number: 541-603-8626

Organization Name: Prinde Nortwest
Pride Northwest is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization whose main objective is to organize the Portland Pride Celebration every year. It is an all-volunteer board that strives to create a diverse and accessible event. The mission of Pride Northwest, Inc. is to encourage and celebrate the positive diversity of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans communities, and to assist in the education of all people through the development of activities that showcase the history, accomplishments, and talents of these communities.
Website Address: Contact Number: 503-295-9788

Organization Name: Sexual Minority Youth Resource Center
SMYRC is the only place of its kind in Oregon It's the place where LGBTQQ youth consistently find a safe and affirming environment, along with the support of their peers, their community, and of course, all the terrific SMYRC staff and volunteers. SMYRC makes a difference Each year SMYRC helps more than a thousand LGBTQQ youth and their families. Through individual and family counseling, leadership development, outreach and public speaking, specialized skill building programs, and the recreation center, SMYRC helps young people succeed in their education, cultivates peer and community support, improves personal health, and fosters employment readiness.
Website Address: Contact Number: 503-872-9664

Organization Name: SOMOS
Un grupo social, cultural, y educativ, sin fin de lucro, para la comunidad LGBTQ Latinos/Latinas en Oregon y SW Washington. Para mas informacion llama Pedro: 503-421-8204 Jose: 360-771-4049 Moises: 503-841-4536 TE ESPERAMOS CONOSER! A not for profit social, cultural, educational group for LGBTQ Latinos/Latinas in Oregon & SW Washington. For more information call Pedro: 503--421-8204 Jose:360-771-4049 Moises: 503-841-4536 WE HOPE TO MEET YOU!
Website Address: Contact Number:

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