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                   Boycott Divestment Sanctions: Stopping Israel's Bloody Repression

Thursday,  July 31 6:30 PM 
Portland State University Room 333
After a successful1200 person Portland march, bike, and ride in solidarity with Palestine. Join the ISO and allies for a discussion that aims to give a political context to the Israeli attack on the Palestinian people and connect the anger and grief that has brought out so many to an ongoing Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement demanding a free Palestine.
This meeting will have two parts:
1) Presentation and Discussion to help us answer the following two questions
    Why is Israel carrying out this viscous assault on the Palestinian People?
    Why is the US government so intent on supporting Israel's outrageous crimes?
2) A presentation on the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement followed by small group break outs to help connect attendees with local BDS efforts underway in Portland.  Possible working groups:
  •     Student Group (PSU Divestment)
  •     Labor Group (Endorsing Labor for Palestine Cal)
  •     Community Group (Soda Stream Campaign and Ending Portland's Sister city with Israel)
  •     BDS 101 (if you have more questions)
Suggested Readings:
Zionism: False Messiah
What's behind the rise of BDS?
Additional Reading
Palestine and the Arab Counter Revolution

ISO General Meeting

NW Marxism Conference

Saturday, November 3, 9am-8pm
Portland State University
Smith Student Union

Mark your calendars for our annual fall conference!  This will be an amazing opportunity to analyze the politics of both the past and present to better inform the organizing we do today.  Marxism provides a revolutionary understanding and strategy for ridding society of exploitation and oppression once and for all.  We want more than just resistance... we want to win.  Featuring special guest speakers Ahmed Shawki, editor of the International Socialist Review, Elizabeth Schulte, and Todd Chretian.  The most exciting gathering of socialists in the NW happening this fall! 

Schedule and registration information is available at  Also RSVP on Facebook page:

The NW Marxism Conference stands in "Solidarity Against Austerity" with the Portland Action Lab on November 3rd. We agree: Enough is Enough! We hope our educational conference can contribute to the movement against austerity, which is one weapon the capitalists wield against the working class. The conference includes discussions on historical and modern-day fight-backs as well as theories of how we can win against capitalism as first outlined by Karl Marx and added to by many revolutionaries over the centuries. For more information on the Day of Action, please visit:


Here is an overview of the current work ISO members and allies are working on with the idea that you might want to get more involved.
If you'd like to know more, the best thing to do is to come to one of our meetings or email

As always, for up to date news and political analysis, read

Occupy Portland (general)
Occupy Calendar   or to stay connected with the many ongoing activities of the new movement for Economic Justice for the 99%'s two main areas of work currently include:
Occupy Portland Labor Outreach Committee: (email that or w/questions)
Occupy PSU:
and here's a good link that explains how to share or coordinate your events with Occupy Portland:

Anti-War/Anti-Imperialism  War and Peace  
In addition to participating in the Iraq and Afghanistan anniversary marches, we are heavily involved in the movement
against Israeli Apartheid and currently participate in 2 grouApril 26th-28thps: SUPER Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights (PSU)
Portland Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Coalition:
We are also happy to announce the recent win of Recruiter Watch PDX and others at successfully obtaining equal access to portland schools for counterrecruitment Oregonian Article

We work to defend the right to affordable, quality (preferrably free) public education, addressing both labor struggles and student issues:
The Portland Coalition to Defend Education
and Oregon Save Our Schools

Environmental Justice
We participate in the newly formed Climate Justice Coalition in Portland which unites around the need for systemic change.

Labor MovementApril 26th-28th:
In addition to rank and file union work carried out by members in several local unions, we work in the following groups:
Occupy Portland Labor Outreach Committee (see above)
Unified Labor Committee (which holds the Unified Labor Strategy Meeting and recently passed a resolution through the Oregon AFL-CIO to Tax the Rich and End the Wars, among other things)
Cross-Trade Solidarity (focused on building trades union members)
Jobs with Justice
AND OF COURSE we are super involved and excited about the December 12th West Coast Port Shutdown in solidarity with Longview ILWU Local 21 against the multinational union busting corporation EGT. Email to get connected to this work.

Immigrants Rights
We support the Voz Workers Center and help to plan the May Day marches each year.
Currently we are also building the December 17th Somos EApril 26th-28thl 99% march in conjunction with PCASC, many other groups, and Occupy Portland. Email

Housing Justice
This is a newly formed committee, so we are looking into existing work in the community, from demanding the right to housing for the homeless to keeping people in their homes and fighting foreclosures. Feel free to email us at if you know of people currently doing this work.

Other Movements
We continue to be involved with women's rights, single payer health care, anti-death penalty, anti-racism and LGBT liberation struggles as we can. We would love to have committees around these struggles (and sometimes do), but it's dependent on our capacity. So consider sitting down with a member of the ISO to discuss how to become active in quickly growing, principled, and committed revolutionary organizations.